Tech Support

I am now offering services for technical support with the Linux operating system as well as with preparing for a Linux upgrade and performing the upgrade. .

For best results please have Skype for all support requests. My skype name is james.p.a.tobin. If you wish to contact me on skype right away without filling contact form that is ok.

For remote assistance needs I am now using zoho assist where you will be able to click a link to join remote session.

For all types of support you have 2 options: one-time support or an unlimited service contract. Service contracts are updated monthly, and the shortest duration would be one month.

For all service request use the "contact" page of this site. When contact with you is established, preferably by skype or else by email, we will arrange for a price quote.

For service requests to Linux upgrades please include the following information:
-make and model of your computer
-amount of RAM
-CPU type
-32 bit or 64 bit
-what types of applications you use (what you do with your computer).
-Any questions you have
-if you know what Linux OS you want to install let me know.

If you don't know some of this information don't worry, just PLEASE let me know exactly what you don't know so I can help you find it. Or establish skype contact right away and I will guide you through finding the information.

Know that I'll be glad to help you chose a Linux distribution based on your needs.

If you are looking for support for an existing Linux system please give me your Linux distribution, all the information listed above, as well as detailed description of your problem. Have NoMachine installed so I can establish remote assistance on your PC. I will not go into your personal files other than Downloads folder without your direction.


If you are having issues with network or boot on a computer or other issues preventing you from using remote assistance, rest assured that I will do my best to offer support by instruction.

My support for Microsoft Windows or Mac is limited. If you need support for those operating systems it wouldn't hurt to ask me if I will help, but I may not be able to. :)

I'm here so your computer can be better, faster, and more secure.