Linux Distributions

Note: there are hundreds of distributions. These are just my favorites.


-extremely easy to use, great for people who are not good with computers.

-very good start menu searching

-great support

-most popular


-Doesn't support categorization of apps

-panel cant move, can only be on the left.

interesting facts:

-project managed by Mark Shuttleworth

Now included by manufacturers in a few Dell, HP, and Lenovo devices.

2. Zorin OS   (official website)


-very, very beautiful.

-Very easy to use

-supports app categorization

-looks like Windows 7

-Supports all Ubuntu applicatoins


-not a very wide variety of themes

interesting facts:

-managed by Kyrill Zorin

-Only distro to have a "look changer" that completely changes the layout of the OS (so far)

3. Linux Mint (Official Website)


-Easy to use

-Looks nice

-very popular

-very stable OS

-supports Ubuntu applications


-not quite as easy to navigate as Ubuntu, but if you are comfortable with computers you'll be fine.

interesting facts:

created on a community level, not by a single developer or by a company.